Public Relations Certificate


The Public Relations Certificate will help students learn skills needed when working in the public relations field. The program requires the completion of 24 units, of which 18 units are required. An additional 6 units must be selected from the restricted electives below. A minimum grade of “C” is required for each course taken.

Program Level Student Learning Outcomes

Outcome 1: Compose a newsworthy press release.

Outcome 2: Create a complete media kit.

Outcome 3: Determine news value of an article.

Outcome 4: Identify proper Associated Press style 80% of the time.

Required Courses: 18 units Units
JOUR 101 F   Reporting and Writing 3
JOUR 102 F Advanced Reporting and Writing 3
JOUR 110 F Mass Media Survey 3
JOUR 132 F Introduction to Magazine Production 3
JOUR 140 F Public Relations/Publicity 3
JOUR 222 F Introduction to News Media Production 3
Restricted Electives: 6 units Units
MKT 100 F Introduction to Marketing 3
MKT 103 F   Principles of Advertising 3
MKT 201 F Small Business Promotions 3
MKT 208 F Principles of Selling 3
PHOT 111 F Introduction to Photography from Analog to Digital 3
JOUR 210 F Multimedia Reporting 3
JOUR 271 F Introduction to Spanish-Language Reporting 3
Total Units 24