Multimedia Journalism Certificate


The Multimedia Journalism Certificate will help students learn skills needed in today’s high-tech media world. The courses will teach students how to tell stories in multiple media and publish effectively online. The program requires the completion of 24-26 units, of which 18 units are required. An additional 6 units must be selected from the restricted electives below. A minimum grade of “C” is required for each course taken.

Program Justification

Recommended by advisory committee and will help students show knowledge and experience in field that is in demand.

Program Level Student Learning Outcomes

Outcome 1: Develop a complete news story in video format.

Outcome 2: Create simple website and publish multimedia effectively and properly to the site.

Required Courses: 18 units Units
JOUR 101 F Reporting and Writing 3
JOUR 150 F Social Media Communications 3
JOUR 210 F Multimedia Reporting 3
JOUR 221 F Introduction to Visualizing Data 3
JOUR 230 F Virtual Reality/360 Storytelling 3
CRTV 122 F Audio Production Techniques 3
Restricted Electives: 6-8 units Units
CIS 152 F Web Design I 3
CIS 157 F Web Design II 3
CIS 106 F Beginning Spreadsheet (MS Excel) 3
CIS 111 F Introduction to Information Systems 4
CIS 255 F Web Page Multimedia Design II 3
CRTV 157 F Digital Production/Non-Linear Editing for Video/Film 3
CRTV 164 F Advanced Digital Production/Non-Linear Editing for Video 3
CIS 205 F Advanced Spreadsheet (MS Excel) 3
DART 102 F Introduction to Web Graphics 3
DART 105 F Fundamentals of Digital Media Design 3
DART 180 F Digital Video 3
DART 182 F Motion Graphics and Special Effects 3
JOUR 102 F Advanced Reporting and Writing 3
JOUR 215 F UAV/Drone Reporting 3
JOUR 222 F Introduction to News Media Production 3
Total Units 24 – 26